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Your home is your imagination brought to life. It reflects your taste and style, from your furniture and appliances to your lighting and home automation systems. Your home captures your unique personality and welcomes others into your world.

Electricity is an essential element of every home. With a flick of a switch, your living room comes to life or your bedroom maintains the perfect ambience. But behind the scenes, there is a network of connections, power points and switchboards, systems that we at Tim Payne Electrical understand. With our expertise, we aim to do all we can to help you design a home that is distinctly yours – beautifully, safely and efficiently.

We are also there for you in times of need, whether it is an unexpected power outage or to fix a faulty plug. Our experienced electricians can upgrade your switchboard or install a smoke alarm to keep your family, property and possessions safe. Security cameras can provide added peace of mind. We can fit your new air conditioner or install your radiant kitchen cooktop. We do all things electrical.



For a warm and inviting finish

Lighting can dramatically change the style of a home by highlighting its best features, giving it a fresh new look. We have the expertise to help you with the lighting design, taking all aspects of a room into consideration, from natural sunlight to style and design. Should you use recessed or surface mounted lighting? Should you install downlights? We can help you make informed decisions.

We also specialise in exterior lighting design, transforming your trees and garden into a wonderland of light. Imagine your outdoor lights automatically turning on and off each night! Yes, we can do that, too. Do you have a swimming pool? We can create a tranquil ambience where you can relax for an evening swim.



Hire a professional you can trust

Tim Payne Electrical has been a trusted part of the local community for more than a decade. We are a family-owned business with an expert team of loyal electricians who greet you at your front door with a smile. When you invite us into your home we recognise our responsibility to treat it with care and respect. We are reliable and arrive according to schedule.

We are passionate about working with electricity, and all the challenges and rewards it brings. If you are a homeowner, we want to share our expertise with you. You can visit our exclusive showroom located in Noosa to experience first-hand the quality products we have on display. Make an informed decision before committing to a product that could share your life for years to come.

Whatever your residential electrical requirements, Tim Payne Electrical has the solution. We are happy to stop by your home and offer an electrical inspection and quotation for all your electrical needs.


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Domestic Electrical Services


New Homes

Building a new home is a process that’s full of excitement and anticipation, as well as challenges. To achieve the ideal outcome, we work directly with homeowners, building companies and other tradesmen to coordinate every aspect of the project. Electrical design and layout are critical, especially in a world that depends on electricity for a vast array of appliances and communication devices. We at Tim Payne Electrical can sit down with you or your project manager for a consultation about the electrical features of your house plans. We can design the lighting, provide advice on energy-saving products and manage the entire electrical project independently or alongside your building project manager.


Effective electrical planning is essential to all property renovations. Our team can assist with the planning, research and implementation of all electrical points, data points, wiring and security systems. Is your property as energy efficient as it could be? We can advise which heating and cooling system best fits your needs and provide expert installation. We aim to use our knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions that increase the longevity of your project and achieve a satisfying outcome.

Power Points

Do you want to customise the finer details of your home or improve accessibility in your commercial space? We recommend and use the Clipsal Iconic configurator tool to build and customise the Iconic power point collection to suit your needs and personal style. After we safely install the grid plates, you can change your Iconic light switches and clip on different power point skins to give your property a fresh new look.

Switchboard Upgrades

Outdated switchboards pose a number of risks to both large scale commercial properties and local homeowners. Older switchboards are unable to handle the electrical demands of modern life and can lead to fires, shocks and serious injury. Our team can conduct the entire upgrade process, keeping your family or tenants safe and secure.

Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans are essential in Queensland properties, they can add a touch of style, too. In addition to cooling your home or business during the summer, they can also circulate warm air throughout your property in the winter months. We can replace existing lights with a ceiling fan or install a unit in any room, which you can turn on with a flick of a switch.

Electric Oven & Cooktops

Is it time to modernise your kitchen with a new electric oven and cooktop? You will need a qualified electrician to do the installation correctly and safely. Your switchboard and wiring must be inspected to see if an upgrade is needed to handle the power requirements, or if more power points need to be added in order to operate the appliances safely. We know the current electrical regulations to bring your kitchen up to code and can have you preparing your favourite dishes in no time!

Light Switches

Designer switches add a touch of elegance and style to the interior of your home or business. From antique glass to smart switches, we can help you express your personal creativity. A world of innovative choices awaits you at our showroom in Noosa where you can feel the quality and see firsthand the design of our high-end lighting points.

TV Points & Antennas

Adding multiple TV points throughout your house means the location of your TV set no longer needs to dictate your furniture arrangement and allows everyone in the house to watch their favourite programme simultaneously. We provide the hardware and do the fault finding and installation so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Garden Lighting

Lighting up your outdoor space expands your life beyond four walls and lets you enjoy more of your property. Accentuate your favourite trees or highlight your flower garden and remind yourself of the beauty of nature. We can help you design an enchanting outdoor living space where you can relax at the end of the day.

Smoke Alarms

Ensure that your property complies with Queensland’s interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm legislation. Keep your loved ones, teams or tenants well-positioned to deal effectively with fire-related emergencies.

Thermal Imaging

We diagnose electrical faults quickly. If you suspect that you have electrical wiring or lighting problems, you need an experienced and licensed electrician to find a safe solution. We inspect and test your system to detect any electrical faults and make immediate repairs.

Split System Air-Cons

Almost three-quarters of Australian homes have air conditioners, with more than a million sold every year. Split air-con systems are far more energy-efficient for commercial spaces. A split system is comprised of two components – the indoor unit and the outdoor condenser – and have the benefit of being able to both cool and heat your property. It’s a complex installation that should be performed by a licensed professional. New installations and replacements only.

Hot Water Systems

Most of us have experienced the shock of stepping into the shower only to find the water is cold. The problem could be a faulty heating element or thermostat, or electrical cable or wiring problems. If you want to install a new hot water system or upgrade to a more efficient system, we can help you decide which type of unit can best suit your needs and liaise with customers and plumbers.

Pool Power

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination but can safely coexist when handled by professionals. Talking to an electrician should be one of your first steps if you are thinking about installing a pool or spa. From the filter to mood lights to the water heater, we can power your pool and provide earthing so you can splash and relax with safety.

Home Automation

An automated home can program various devices to operate on your personal schedule, streamlining your life. Imagine your outdoor or tree lights automatically turning on and off each night! Better yet, visit the Tim Payne Electrical showroom in Noosa and experience first hand how automatic lighting systems integrate with your personal digital voice assistant.

Underground Power

Tim Payne Electrical can install an underground supply power point for your home, industrial or business premises. Underground power is far safer than the overhead alternative. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding the current regulations of underground power systems and the professional experience to perform the installation.

Emergency Lighting

In every business, home or office, your emergency lighting and exit lights need to be on constant alert, ready to spring into action when an unexpected power outage occurs. All emergency and exit lighting are required to undergo a 90-minute test of the backup battery every six months. Is it time to upgrade? Installation of the latest LED lighting can save energy and provide a fast return on your investment.

CCTV Camera Systems

The safety of your home or business is paramount for your peace of mind. A security camera system lets you keep an eye on your property even when you are not present and deters thieves and vandals. The installation of cameras in strategic locations allows you to record and monitor your property for any signs of illegal activity. In addition to keeping your property safe, it can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system lets you identify your visitor by audio or video before you buzz them in. Whether it is an apartment building, private home, or commercial property, installing an intercom system provides safety and convenience. Tim Payne Electrical can assist with the selection, design and installation.

Phone & Data Points

While the convenience of being able to connect to the Internet wherever you go has many benefits, connecting to a solid data point in your home or business can provide you with faster service and a clearer signal. We can repair your existing phone and data points or install additional connections throughout your property so that you can work and play online with confidence and ease.

Lighting Points

Do you want to welcome visitors into your foyer with a soft glow or a bold light? Set a romantic ambience in the dining room or brighten up a boardroom? Lighting is an important factor in many aspects of your life — at home and at the office, indoors and out. Not only can we install the perfect lighting to enhance your environment, but we also have a wealth of experience in design to help you bring your ideas to life.

Surge Protection & Safety Switches

You can safeguard your devices and entire electrical systems against unexpected increases in voltage through the use of surge protection and safety switches. A safety switch immediately shuts off the supply of electricity if it detects an electrical fault and protects you from electric shock, electrical fires and serious injury. We can outfit your home properly to keep you and your loved ones safe.



I have known Tim for over 10 years and use and recommend him and his team of experienced electricians for all my renovations, extensions and new building constructions. His knowledge and professionalism makes me very comfortable letting him deal directly with the clients so they get what they need for a quality finish. He has a wide range of qualifications which makes it simple for my customers to have it all done by one company.